Khorshid Salt Hotel Restaurant

Stepping into Khorshid Farm restaurant, the traditional atmosphere of this space will revive your nostalgia. The interior design of the restaurant uses the original and rural Iranian architecture, from the windows of wooden knots on the thatched walls, as well as large glass windows facing the nature of the farm, to the thatched walls and the ceiling covered with Iranian bamboo mats, all of which show the collection’s loyalty to the religion. And it displays Iranian traditions, as well as fine tiles on the walls with Iranian poems, the glory of Iranian art and literature.
The compatibility of traditional and wooden beds with the traditional atmosphere of the farm is one of the positive points that cannot be hidden in creating an intimate feeling in tourists.
Performing live music at night at the end of the week in the restaurant caresses the soul and increases the pleasure of a night out at Salt Hotel.
The restaurant does not sacrifice quality for quantity and uses the best type of Iranian rice and the highest quality ingredients to prepare food. Khorshid restaurant’s food and appetizer menu includes Tahchin Damavandi, Chicken kebab with rice, Lamb muscle with rice, Lamb neck with rice, Chenjeh kebab (Lamb kebab) with rice, Abgoosht, salmon, Ghormeh Sabzi, Mirza Ghassemi, various pizza, lentils, Schnitzel, hot dog plate and Mushrooms, traditional yogurt and buttermilk prepared from farm cow’s milk and other side dishes and drinks.
The restaurant staff will be ready to welcome you from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM for breakfast, from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM for lunch, and from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM for dinner.

The hotel’s breakfast is a buffet and includes Halim, Nimro, omelette, lentils, bread, cheese, butter, tomato, cucumber, honey, jam, tea, syrup and farm cow’s milk.

Glass Coffee Shop

The glass coffee shop of Khorshid farm has a unique view of Damavand peak and farm fish pond on one side and a beautiful view of the cable bridge and farm slide on the other side.
Tourists can take advantage of the small and relaxing atmosphere of the cafe’s library for reading while drinking tea, coffee, ice cream, and local sweets of Damavand.

Khorshid Tourism Farm Store

By displaying and selling local farm products, as well as buying and selling products of local people, the farm store tries to create culture to support the products of local people and villages around Damavand and Garmsar.

The store’s products all have health permits and high standards.

There are a variety of products made from rock salt, cosmetic products made from donkey milk, amber, chicken and ostrich products, honey, syrup and homemade and local sweets of Damavand, all kinds of handmade dolls. Besides, for the comfort of tourists and hotel guests, all kinds of snacks, drinks, ice cream, etc. are sold in the farm store.

Pantry, tea house and Ash House

This part of the farm is located in the center of the complex, and tourists can go to Khorshid Pantry and Teahouse for snacks and hot and cold snacks among recreational activities.
A variety of light snacks such as lebo, baghali, hot noodles Ash, buttermilk, roast cobs, roastpotatoes, samosas, Mexican corn, finger food, hot eggs, pashmak, various homemade syrups, tea and hookah service in a pleasant atmosphere. It is served next to the pavilions of the farm.