Farm Entrance

Farm working hours:
Monday and Tuesday 9 am to 5 pm
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9 am to 9 pm

Farm entrance fee:
Monday to Thursday; Each person over 2 years old, 120,000 Tomans on Fridays and holidays;
Each person over 2 years old, 190,000 thousand Tomans

Services that include fees:
Four-season swimming pool and jacuzzi in the public session – cable bridge – maze – milking – sandpit – horse riding – donkey riding – virtual bull riding – chicken house – rabbit house – bell corridor – animal nursery – meeting farm animals – pavilion.

Services that have a separate fee:
Slide and baking bread 30,000 Tomans – Delijan ride with charcoal tea in the valley garden 60,000 Tomans – Horseback riding 80,000 Tomans – Private swimming pool for one and a half hour session, 1 million Tomans – Tractor ride 10,000 Tomans – Game home and apiary depending on the activity

Cable Suspension Bridge

Khorshid Farm suspension bridge in the suburbs of Damavand city is one of the longest and highest cable-stayed bridges built in the center of Iran. Walking on this bridge with a horizontal displacement of one and a half meters and the beautiful view of Damavand Peak inspires the visitor with great excitement and pleasure.

Technical Specifications:
The cable-stayed bridge of Khorshid Farm was built in 1396 with a sum of 500 million Tomans in a period of 2 months by two top engineers of Bandgarjam company named Abdul Hamid Razi and Ali Monfared. This bridge is 1.5 meters wide, 160 meters long and 40 meters high above the valley floor. The bridge is built with very strong steel cables and the depth of the cable foundation is 5 meters, and on both sides of the bridge, about 400 tons of concrete has been poured for greater strength.

Alpine slide or mountain slide

This structure is the first slide built in alpine style in Iran. Alpine slides are made for long distances on hills with a relatively high slope in nature. This style of slide was first built in the Alps in Switzerland and France for thrill-seeking purposes.

Technical Specifications:
The slide of Khorshid Farm was built in the spring of 2019 for 4 months with the amount of 400 million Tomans and the lift car of the slide was built with the amount of 350 million Tomans. This structure is 80 meters long, one meter wide and built on a 45 degree slope.

The view of Damavand peak


Damavand peak is the national symbol of Iran, with a height of 5610 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in Iran and the highest semi-active volcano in the Middle East, which is located in the central Alborz mountain range and south of Mazandaran sea and Amol city. Mount Damavand was registered as the first natural monument in the list of national monuments of Iran in 2007. The last volcanic activity of Damavand peak occurred about 10,000 years ago and the diameter of the crater of this volcano is about 400 meters.

Delijan Ride

One of the facilities of the farm is that you can ride on a tractor with a capacity of 20 people, visit Cheshme Shah area and Qara Qaj fields called Bagh Dere Khorshid and buy traditional products from the people of Cheshme Shah village.

Cheshme Shah Yilaq and Qara Qaj protected area are located in the south of the central Alborz mountain range, which is bounded by Firouzkoh road from the north and Ivanki area from the south. In ancient times, the people of this region migrated to Ivanki and Garmsar behind this mountain range in the cold seasons of the year, and the pastures and springs of this region were one of the main routes for herders who moved to Lar (on the way to Varamin, Garmsar, and Ivanki). The reason behind the name Cheshme Shah is the presence of many springs, which has made it a place for migration of pre-Islamic chiefs of tribes and tribes. The wildlife of this area includes ram, sheep, goat, wild goat, leopard, wolf, rabbit, fox, jackal, lynx, hedgehog, tortoise, all kinds of hunting birds and all kinds of snakes.

Khorshid Farm Restaurant

Khorshid restaurant with a variety of Iranian dishes, fast food, drinks, appetizers, etc. It is ready to receive dear guests.


Except for the restaurant hall that seats 50 people, the gazebo and roofed outdoor area also provides tables and natural greenery for the well-being of nature-loving tourists.

Seasonal Farm Products

Khorshid Farm Bee House

Iran’s first apitourism (bee tourism) is located in Khorshid tourism farm. In the Khorshid bee house, you can observe the complete life stages of honey bees and queen bees from behind the glass beehive.
Bee products including honey, propolis drops and tablets as well as royal jelly are available for you and your children from production to consumption in the hive. Also, bee respiratory spa (breathing beehive propolis air), which is a unique healing and treatment for the respiratory system, is performed in this bee house. We are proud that after three years of research and effort, and with the cooperation of Professor Pajhandi, we were able to launch this branch of agrotourism and agricultural tourism for the first time in Iran at Khorshid Farm.

Four-season swimming pool: outdoor in summer and indoor in winter with spa

The use of the swimming pool in public session is free for hotel guests and tourists, and it is mandatory to bring a swimsuit and swimming cap inside the pool.
It is possible to rent a private and family pool until 12:00 at night with the payment of a separate fee. (one million Tomans for one session, one and a half hour)

The four-season swimming pool and Jacuzzi of the Khorshid complex are two separate pools for men and women, while each pool has a shallow part for children and a deep part for adults. Each pool is equipped with an advanced filtration system separately, as well as a head and body dryer.

Khorshid Farm Horse Track

Khorshid Farm horse riding track is available for you and your dear children with experienced trainer and racing horses for riding training and recreational riding.
Riding: 80,000 Tomans
Riding training: Two million five hundred thousand tomans every ten sessions, 45 minutes of training each session

Donkey track

The donkey riding track of Khorshid complex is available with 15 donkeys for donkey riding experience in Khorshid farm.

Children's Playground

Over the past several years, sand play has become one of the six main children’s play tools in all the developed countries of the world. By creating a healthy and standard environment, the children’s sand playground in Khorshid Farm increases the movement, mental and creative skills of children and creates a lot of excitement in them.

Khorshid Farm Wheelriding Station

Farghun is a device that has long been among the auxiliary tools in tourism and traditional animal husbandry.
Farm farghuns equipped with horn and side mirror are used for ride competitions and recreational riding in the farm.

Khorshid Farm Bakery

Khorshid Farm Bakery is open to teach you and your dear children how to bake bread, you can experience the concept of blessing and baking bread with your own hands at Khorshid Farm.

Farm Bird House

In the bird house of Khorshid Farm, you can get to know all kinds of beautiful and tame birds and experience feeding these lovely creatures. The birds that live in the farm include different and attractive breeds of chickens and roosters, geese, ducks, turkeys, and horned hens.

Khorshid Farm Rabbit House

The rabbit house of Khorshid Farm with all kinds of Iranian and Dutch rabbits is a place for children to learn more about these smart and attractive animals.


Maze is an interesting game and the mystery is that children can find this game according to their abilities and imagination.

Animal Kindergarten

An animal nursery where animals from 20 days to 9 months that were born on the farm are kept with their mothers..

Little ones such as donkey foals, lambs, goats, and calves are kept and children can communicate closely with these beautiful creatures.

Photography with historical trucks, off-road jeeps and virtual bull riding

Bell Station

In this place, children can get to know the types of bells that are used for different types of animals, for example, camel bells, small bells, goat bells, cow bells, etc.

Game Home

Khorshid Farm Playhouse is located inside the indoor hall and is equipped with exciting games such as trampoline, PS4, billiards, hand football and air hockey for children and adults.

Excavator riding with safety and high standard

Farm Milking Station

In this place, tourists learn how to milk a cow.

Tube ride and snow play track

Khorshid Farm tubing track with a not so gentle slope, along with tubes equipped with ski sticks, is one of the winter entertainments of Khurshid Farm. It is necessary to explain, considering that the length of the track is about 40 meters, tourists can go back to the top of the track by an electric lift.

Yalda Night Ceremony

In order to keep Iranian customs alive and also to implement international customs, Khorshid Farm performs different cultural, traditional and ancient events in different days of the year. Yalda night or Cheleh night, which is known as the longest night of the year and the last night of December, has a long history and is one of the oldest Iranian celebrations. On this night, we welcome the longest night of the year by reciting Hafez, arranging Yalda food, performing Iranian music, and setting up a fire in the field.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas or Noel is a celebration that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. In the farm, out of respect for our fellow Christians, we decorate the Christmas pine tree every year and invite the kind Santa Claus to visit the farm.