About Founders

Maleki and Khodabakhshi, the founder of Iran's first agrotourism

Ali Khodabakhshi was born in Tehran in 1952, graduated in agricultural and animal husbandry engineering, world traveler, mountaineer, aid worker and environmental activist. Ali along with his wife Mahbobe Maleki are the founders of the first agrotourism (agricultural tourism) and salt hotel in Iran. After graduation, due to the laws of that time, a piece of land was given to experts in the field of agriculture for the implementation of a livestock project. And over the years, together with his wife, they used the income of dollars and euros from the implementation of tourist tours for the development of this farm.

Mahbobe Maleki, born in 59, Tehran, graduated from the tourism and hotel industry, physical education expert, athlete, mountaineer and environmental activist, met her husband Ali Khodabakhshi many years ago during the mountain rescue program and started their life together in July 2004. They built a small thatched hut in Khorshid farm and during their simple life, due to insufficient income from farming and animal husbandry, they took up mountaineering, nature tourism, Iran tourism and finally world tourism in a more serious way. Maleki and Khodabakhshi couple spent the first years of their life in Khorshid farm, which of course was a simple and traditional cattle farm at that time without roads, electricity and water, without any basic facilities, and at the same time, they were professional tour operators under the name Khorshid Tour to Iran , Europe, Canada, East Asia and America; and during their trips to distant parts of the world, they had the idea of establishing a tourism farm, which was sorely lacking in Iran. Until finally in 1396 solar year, despite the difficulties and obstacles they had in this way, they implemented the construction of the Khorshid tourism farm centered on animal husbandry in their personal ranch. And they continue on this ups and downs road so that they can have a deep and positive effect on the improvement and growth of the country’s tourism industry and job creation and production; And they can also be energizing and hopeful for the people of this region, especially children and teenagers.

Currently, this low-profit animal husbandry has become a tourism and cultural unit employing 45 people and is progressing and developing day by day.

It should be mentioned that in the previous years, the current location of the farm did not have any roads, electricity, water, and amenities, and Ali and Mehbooba managed to build asphalt, road construction, electricity, and water supply by spending personal expenses and a lot of effort. have been and have been able to develop a corner of their country for employment and cultural growth.

Also, from the very beginning of their business in the tourism industry, Mahbobeh and Ali put helping the border regions and the poor of Iran at the top of their tours. And in various crises of the country, such as floods, earthquakes, corona, and Zagros forest fires, they rushed to help the affected areas with the help of Khorshid Tour and Khurshid Farm tourists.

This couple continues their activities in the field of domestic and foreign tours, as well as the development of Khorshid Farm, as well as helping the victims of various natural crises in the country.