Khorshid Tourism Farm Facilities

The Khorshid tourism farm complex is one of the few tourist attractions around Tehran where you and your family and friends can spend a few days away from the noise and worries of the city in various and enjoyable activities. In this farm, there are very special facilities that are designed to entertain and change the mood of us city dwellers. The theme of entertainment is mostly related to the rural environment and an organic farm with its own animals and occupations.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.”

Khorshid Salt Hotel

In Iran first salt hotel, you can stayand ENJOY!

Salt Hotel Restaurant

WOW! What should we eat in Khorshid salt hotel?!!!

Damavand Gardens Alley

Dasht Masha &Cheshmeh Ala

Sheykh shebli Tower

Rood Afshan Cave

Dehnmak Caravanserai

Veresk bridge & three gold lines

Calcareous water fountain (shourab)

Shur Mast lake

Mehrvarzan Khorshid Charity

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Founders of Khorshid Farm

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